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Enriching Children's Lives in a Fun and Safe Environment

After witnessing a series of tragic events that largely impacted children’s lives, Ms. Leanne Ly leveraged her business experience to create the L.O.L. Kids Club. This idea was birthed with the concern of establishing a place of fun and safety for children and parents alike.

Ms. Leanne Ly began her career working in a logistics company as an independent contractor and then as an outbound manager for about four years. That helped her gain a skill set to go back and assist her father’s trucking company. At the time, she invested what she had into her father’s business to take the necessary measures to keep it alive and modern. Due to her father’s stubborn nature of having a knowledge of being in the business for over 30 years, the transition became difficult. This occurred during a time where the trucking industry began to take a hit across the country. In 2009, she finally decided to pull out of the business and reach out to her global connections. Ms. Ly decided there was a market around the continental United States for scrap metal to be sold to overseas companies like China. Not long after, the idea for L.O.L. Kids Club came to fruition. Ms. Ly attributes her success to being fearless and not being afraid to try new things and fail. She also attributes her success to her children.  

Due to Ms. Ly’s hard work and dedication, L.O.L. Kids Club has become well known nationwide as the best in parties and entertainment. She launched this venture in 2014. In addition, she is the founder and owner of Playtastic Toys. Her academic pursuits have also aided her career endeavors; she earned a Bachelor of Arts in accounting and business administration from the University of Phoenix. Furthermore, Ms. Ly keeps abreast of industry trends with affiliation to the International Amusement Association of Attraction Industry and ASTRA. Looking toward the future, she wishes to expand the L.O.L. Kids Club business nationally and provide that type of family entertainment in every region.

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